One thought on “గర్భిణీ స్త్రీలకు సూచనలు

  • April 15, 2018 at 5:49 am

    Myths and Truths in pregnancy….

    A.No problem can happen to a pregnant woman , because she is regularly seeing the doctor…

    The truth is many complications of pregnancy happen without a notice or warning many times…

    B. It is always better the patient and her bystanders know her blood group and at least one donor’s address must be available…Negative blood may not be available even in blood banks sometimes.

    C. Everyone in the family try to advise a pregnant woman…many times they may be wrong…better to always clear your doubts with your doctor only…if you are not satisfied with the explanation, you can always take a second opinion …

    -Dr. Sudhakar, M.D. (Gynaec. & Obst.)
    Thiruvalla, Kerala.


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